Urban Jungle At Daylight Panoramic Wall Mural

The desire to live close to a raw and almost wild nature guides the interior decoration in a sustainable way. Rare species mix with more common varieties, which intertwine, seem to cling or climb all over the wall. This surprising and original composition attracts the eye and offers a soothing feeling of well-being. The realism of this trompe-l'oeil green wall seems to take us on a trip, in a tropical greenhouse or a really extraordinary winter garden... Here, the "at dusk" version offers a reduced luminosity giving pride of place to the effects of chiaroscuro, a discreet but strong character nature. Two other versions are available: "at sunrise" and "in broad". This creation is available in wallpaper or coated tapered canvas, ideal for more sensitive exhibition areas (wet rooms or high traffic areas). You need more than 6 strips ? The last strip (strip "F") and the first strip (strip "A") being connectable, you can add a series of additional strips starting with strip "A" (strip "A" succeeding strip "F"). Dimensions 1 strip : H. 2,70 x L. 0,65 m / 1,8 m2 Full pattern 6 strips : H. 2,70 x L. 3,90 m / 10,53 m2 Material Non woven (150g) Effect smooth slightly satin paper Hanging Easy and quick installation. Paste only the wall Care Washable Purpose Housing ( indoor only )